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September 4, 2019

Vantage Employees Receive Awards during NASA Agency and Center Awards Ceremony

During the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) 2019 Agency and Center Awards Ceremony Vantage employee, Michael Cuy, received the prestigious NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal Award. Mr. Cuy received the award for outstanding public service as lead engineer for the NASA GRC Burner Rig Facility, resulting in significant advancements in high temperature turbine engine materials. 

Vantage employees also garnered a number of Group Achievement awards including:

Silver Achievement Medal - Group:

(1)   Spanwise Adaptive Wing (SAW) Team: Aaron Thompson

(2)   Multifunctional Structures for High Energy Lightweight Load Bearing Storage (M-SHELLS) Team: Daniel Gorican

Group Achievement Award:

(1)   Zero Boil-Off Tank (ZBOT) Experiment Team: Anthony Bruzas, Michael Mackin, Paul McMasters

(2)   Integrated Cryogenically Cooled Experiment Box Team: Eric Carlberg, David Hervol

(3)   Orion ESM PQM Test Team: Donald Butler

(4)   12.5-kW Hall Thruster Technology Development Test Team: Arthur Birchenough, Scott Hall, Ahmad Hammoud, James Myers